Pastor Tim and Nadine Rust


phone: 308-380-6838

Tim and Nadine Rust graduated from North Central University in Minneapolis in 1975. Tim graduated with a degree in Bible and Pastoral Ministries and Nadine with a degree in Christian Education. They have two daughters, a son, two son-in-laws and eight grandchildren. Tim started the Nebraska Cowboy Church Association four years ago. Presently he has Life’s Arena Cowboy Church at his home arena Sunday evenings as well as travels around the state holding Cowboy Church services. October of 2011, he and Nadine started Destiny Church in Grand Island with a group of friends. They believe God has a destiny for everyone and want to help people connect with their God given destiny. If you are looking for a place where you will be accepted and fulfill God’s destiny for your life, come join us on our journey


Luis and Elizabeth Uvalle

Hispanic Ministry leadership

Children’s Ministry leadership


phone: 308-227-1118

Luis and Elizabeth’s ministry started as children in Mexico. Luis visited many mountain villages at his Pastor’s side and learned how to serve and share the gospel firsthand. At the age of 17 he moved away from home and enrolled in a Missions Bible School where he became a certified minister in 1998. He then moved on to be a missionary at an orphanage in Matamoros, Mexico where he spent 11 years learning numerous tools to use in his life and ministry. When visiting his family in Jaumave, his hometown, he met Elizabeth for the first time.

Elizabeth was born in Grand Island but moved at age 6 with her family to Mexico when her parents were called to be missionaries. Elizabeth was always involved in ministry and taught her first children’s church class on her own at age 9, and preached her first sermon at age 14. She became a youth leader at age 17 where she oversaw and directed 24 church youth group ministries.

Luis and Elizabeth met on New Year’s Day 2008. Luis moved back to Jaumave and got involved in ministry there. Together they got involved in the ministry of a Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. Together they led the worship on Sunday morning services and were involved in the evangelism team. Luis and Elizabeth were married on Valentine’s Day 2009. They moved to Grand Island in 2015. They have 4 children, their pride and joy, Melody, Evelyn, Luis, and David.

At Destiny Church they have found a new purpose and consider Destiny Church their extended family. Luis and Elizabeth lead Destino con Proposito, the bilingual, Hispanic services at Destiny and Elizabeth finds great joy in leading the children’s ministry there as well. The entire Uvalle family look forward to serving wherever the Lord leads here with our family at Destiny Church.

Sherry Hemmingsen

Office Administrator


office phone: 308-675-1380

Sharon and her husband Mark helped Destiny become a reality.  Since dedicating their lives to the Lord in 1978 during an Evangelistic outreach, they have been serving the Lord in many areas of ministry.   With three grown children, and 5 very active grandsons they enjoy traveling to see their children and grandchildren, and as time allows spending time in Ogallala, fishing on Lake McConaughy.



Sai and Jenna Lee

Worship leaders

Sai and Jenna are originally from South Korea. Sai first came to the U.S. in 2004, and Jenna came to to the U.S. in 2006. As Sai and Jenna served in a campus ministry in Maryland, they became ministry partners and, after a few years, they decided to become life partners as they serve the Lord together. As they were seeking the Lord’s way, God called them to Nebraska, and they have been living in Nebraska since 2016.
Since 2009, Sai and Jenna have been serving in various ministries such as worship ministries, children’s ministries, campus ministries and youth ministries. Sai and Jenna especially love to serve children and youth. Sai is a secondary science teacher, and Jenna is a translator, translating Korean novels to English.